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Dr. Tavis Campbell

Dr. Tavis Campbell is a Professor of Clinical Psychology and Oncology at the University of Calgary.

He obtained his Ph.D from McGill University and completed a Postdoctoral Fellowship at Duke University Medical Centre. His research interests involve identifying and understanding the bio-behavioral mechanisms involved in the development, progression, and management of chronic diseases, such as hypertension, cancer and insomnia.

Dr. Campbell has published results from several behavior-based RCTs in the areas of cancer, pain, and chronic disease management, including the i-can sleep trial targeting insomnia in cancer survivors. In addition, he is actively involved in the Canadian Hypertension Education Program (CHEP) as Chair of the Adherence Committee, is the outgoing Chair of Health for the Canadian Psychological Association and is an Associate Editor at the Journal of Behavioural Medicine.

Finally, Dr. Campbell is extensively involved in training efforts aimed at a variety of healthcare professionals (e.g., cardiologists, rheumatologists, nurses, dermatologists) on motivating health behavior change and improving patient-provider communication.

Research Focus: Behavioural Medicine, Chronic Disease

Funding: Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), University of Calgary Clinical Research Fund, Lotte and John Hecht Memorial Foundation., Alberta Innovates Health Solutions, The Lawson Foundation, Canadian Cancer Society Research Institute, Innovation Grant, Abbvie, Canadian Pain Society, Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada (HSFC)

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