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We're Preparing to Truly OWN.CANCER


We are partnering with The OWN.CANCER Campaign to help support The ACTION Centre, which will be at the new Calgary Cancer Centre.


Support Us Directly

Our Online Donation page for the ACTION Centre Integrative Oncology Program is currently accepting donations!

All donations will receive a gift receipt from the University of Calgary.

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Integrative Oncology

We’re excited to share a sample of investment opportunities for Integrative Oncology. Your investment will allow us to transform the landscape of cancer research, care and treatment in Alberta, and beyond.

Clinical Trials & Research

The research division of the Integrative Oncology program will be led by award-winning UCalgary researcher Dr. Linda Carlson, Ph.D. Dr. Carlson is an internationally renowned researcher, professor of oncology and holder of the Enbridge Research Chair in Psychosocial Oncology: the first of its kind in Canada and one of only a few in the world dedicated to this exciting area of cancer care.

Healthcare Worker

Health-care Provider Education

We will make short introductory IO online programs available to all providers in AHS, and train a cohort of nurses, oncologists and allied professionals specifically in integrative medicine through accredited programs across the United States

Complementary Medicine Programs

Complementary medicine is critical for outstanding patient care. Many side-effects related to cancer and its therapies such as fatigue, pain and sleep difficulties are treated with pharmaceutical drugs, which may have their own unwanted side-effects. Offering evidence-based non-pharmacological treatment options, such as yoga, acupuncture, massage, art therapy (music, visual arts) and mindfulness classes, is of utmost importance to allow for further research into these treatments.

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Nurse Form

Integrative Oncology Clinic

Training in complementary medicine is not part of standard medical training in Canada, and therefore health-care providers lack the competency required to advise on the use of complementary therapies. This lack of training leads to insufficient communication with patients and among other members of their health-care team, leading to a gap in patient care.

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