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My name is Haley Mather, I am a Honours Student, currently working on a combined degree in Psychology and Biological Sciences. 

Supervisor: Dr. Todd Hill

Research Project: A mixed methods feasibility study on levels of empathy, burnout, and spirituality using a novel mindfulness intervention for Primary Care Residents.

My Story

Haley has over five years of clinical experience at a collaborative medical office with specialization in chronic pain, minor surgeries, psychotherapy, and more. In addition, she has worked as a Behavioural Therapist for autistics in a Residential Program, which led her to start an Autism Awareness Club at the University of Calgary. 

Altogether, Haley gained a particular interest in alternative practices for alleviating emotional and physical suffering; this directed her research during her undergraduate degree to focus on mindfulness-based interventions and working with Dr. Linda Carlson and others.

Beyond this, after witnessing a close family member’s cancer journey, Haley recognized the importance of psychosocial support as standard of care. Consequently, she joined the TRACTION program with a desire to participate in research that strives to foster a better quality of life during and after treatment for all cancer survivors.  

In addition to her academic, clinical, and advocacy work, Haley enjoys spending time in the wilderness with a novel in hand and going on adventures!

Her Career Goals are to work in Medicine as a specialized pediatrician. 

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